Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Microscope April2011

Fai saw a dead bug. He took out the microscope and tried to adjust the focus lens but before he could, the fan blew the dead bug away and he couldn't find it. The microscope was taken into the garden where the lighting was better and no gust of wind to blow away his specimen.
There was a dead spider on the floor, so under the lens it went...
We could see 4 of its many eyes
A rusty nail was examined

Ean taking a peek


klbc fccc said...

congrats on the decision to go homeschooling. and thank you very much for sharing your homeschooling experience.

we are also homeschooling our kids this schoolyear. we wanted to know more info on the microscope you used as seen in the photos. where can we buy this kind of microscope. thanks a lot.

Unschooling Malaysia said...

This is a very basic light microscope, bought it for RM50 years ago in a toy warehouse sale in TTDI. They used to hold it yearly but not anymore. Try to Google for it?

Soleh said...

Nice, now there is portable microscope, which you can see here:

Pocket Microscope

mackenzie said...

That is what I need, a portable microscope so my niece can take it around and look at all kinds of stuff. Great article!