Thursday, April 28, 2011

science behind potato clock 28thApril2011

The potato-tomato clock is still running after a day. The tomato is rotting though and attracting fruit flies.
Fai dug up some book on electricity and one was borrowed from PJ Community library.

The magazine by Horrible Science explained the science behind the potato clock pretty well with nice graphics to boot.
From this experiment, we learnt:
1) electricity flows in a circuit
2) Zn releases electrons
3) electricity can come from a potato, tomato, banana, milk, even water with the help of wires and copper and zinc strips

Han started inquiring about electrons and Fai asked what 'current' was - saying that he thought 'current' meant current at sea.
Thanks once again S for giving us the opportunity to play around with the science kit.

Next, we will try to make our own using old copper 1cent coins, zinc nails and wires.

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