Friday, April 22, 2011

Wood and fruit carving - A Beginning April 2011

Interest in carving began with JY carving an orange peel into a replica of the carved wooden shields by the indigenous people of Sarawak. We got ourselves a set of carving tools from a bookshop in PJ Old Town for future carving projects.
Trying out the carving tools in Tanjong Tokong beach, a short walk from the B&B we stayed in Penang. The tools could not cut through the wood, so I guess it could only be used for fruit carving.
Back in Port Dickson, 2 weeks later, Dear Hubby started the kids on preparing scrap wood by sanding the wood down with sandpaper.
JY carving into her piece of wood.
Fai carving into a green papaya plucked from the garden.
Fai's green papaya face - Version 1

Version 2 -
Green papaya face with grape seed teeth, wood splinter ears and black soot eyes

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