Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Apes @Zoo Negara 25thApril2011

Our 3rd Education Programme in Zoo Negara. It was an early outing, starting at 9.15am as we had to be there to get an exclusive peek at how the zookeepers prepared the ape's enclosure before they were released into it.
It was also WL's birthday that day and we started off the morning with a birthday song, candles blowing and lots of birthday wishes. My boys made that cake. Fai mashed 3 cupfuls of bananas, Han whisked the batter and added a few eggshells for that extra crunch in the process.
The apes' enclosure was cleared of any leftover food from the day before. Then new food was brought in - banana stumps, banana leaves, bananas, coconuts and sugarcane. This was a treat for the apes, they were usually just given leaves.
Treats for the apes. The sugar cane was wrapped in a gunny sack.

This male chimpanzee got his hands on a bunch of bananas and a coconut clenched in his teeth.
The boys observing the chimpanzees.
Tearing the coconut open with its teeth with ease. Just bite and rip it out.
Then drink the sweet water in a few gulps.
From the chimpanzees, we went over to the orang utans. The male orang utans has bigger cheek pads and was much larger in size than the females.
The orang utans were more cautious and preferred to swing, climb and glance at us humans before they ventured out to get to the food.
The kids were asked to match the apes' feet, hands, eyes, hand print and eyes.
The apes' facial expression - fear, anger, happiness, sadness..
Then the kids had their hands taped so that their thumbs could not be used. This activity shows the kids how useful having opposable thumbs are.
It was difficult to hold the bottle.
It was took longer than usual pouring water out.
Trying to uncap a bottle of water was another tough one.
Peeling and cutting bananas without thumbs.
The Orang Utan's shirt could fit in 3 boys.
1 ape = strength of 6 men.
Here, the only daddy(1 ape) around had to play tug-a-war with about 10 kids(=6men?).

Daddy was no match for them.

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