Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Penang War Museum 10April2011

Never run red lights in Balik Pulau. Some sections of the road are single lane and when the lights turn red on your side, traffic from the opposite direction moves. The road is too narrow to avoid oncoming traffic and there were alot of heavy vehicles on the road.Information overload at the entrance to the museum.
Too much to read while standing, my neck ached while I strained to read the print. So I took a photo for easier reading.
The map of the 20acre fortress. Be prepared to walk and battle mosquitoes.
The walkway in. On the left is a rusty bicycle -must be one that the Japanese used to invade Malaya and a few miniature replica of kampung houses that were built in the jungle by villagers that fleed from the invading army. On the right were a few newspaper articles and such. Had to rush through, Fai couldn't wait to get to a tunnel.
Shelter tunnel.
It was about 5 feet high, so I had to crouch a little. After 80years, the tunnel was still in very good condition.
No dank, musty smell, it was surprisingly airy.
It was very dark inside, I nearly walked into a wall at a sharp corner. The tunnel was a loop. Imagine a corridor with two doorways, on your left and right.
Walk in left doorway and emerge on the right.
The escape tunnel(below).

It was a climb up a narrow 20feet high ladder. ScMak said the tunnel had shrunk since her last visit and I couldn't climb while carrying Ean. So exited and climbed up a flight of 36 steps to meet up with the rest at the top of the hill.

Site of the Monster Gun (Below)

It was destroyed by the retreating British army during the Japanese invasion. It measured 16.5m in length and weighed 100 tons The monster gun looked something like this.
The one in the photo below is much smaller.
Han eyeing the anti-aircraft gun
Trapdoor and noose in the replica of General Yamashita's gallows.
This handwritten note was pinned onto the staricase.
Grim reaper and guilottine.
More grissly information.
I couldn't quite figure out the motorbike and the urn.
This site was the torture chamber
Mortuary and another guillotine Barracks
Ventilation for barracks.
Lonely corridors. I didn't feel like peeking in most of the time.
The place gave me the shivers.
We were warned to be wary of bats but we didn't encounter any.
Entrance to command centre.The engineering and construction back then seemed far superior to what we have now.
Control centre.
Operation where-to-go-and-what-to-eat in progress.The exit! My guide, fellow homeschooling mom, ScMak had been to the War Museum umpteen times and she added eerieness by suddenly asking the spirits for directions to the exit using a method shown to her by a seer that was staying at the Bed&Breakfast I was bunking at.
I am glad I had gone in a group and had given the night tour a miss ( night tours are from 7 to 11pm) It was rather eerie and there was a strong feeling of foreboding at dark, deserted spot

Writing this post is rather nerve wrecking. Photos I uploaded keeps on disappearing and especially the one on the gallows- vanished twice. I will not post that photo.
So if my comments make no sense, it is because the photo that was supposed to be there, isn't and I am done with this.

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