Friday, April 22, 2011

Art by Fai and Han April2011

After sorting the boys' growing pile of drawing pads and art blocks, I came across a few interesting pieces.
'Dragons after a tank' by Fai
'Monster with eggs'(left) and 'Bones'(Right) by Han

'Raptor' by Han
'Knight with weapons' by Han .
The knight is holding a whip and a sword with a mace hanging on the belt.
'Knight' by Fai
Fai's skeleton now has ulna and radius - two bones of the forearms.
This skeleton has ulna, radius, tibia and fibula - the two bones below the kneecaps
Fai says he has difficulty drawing the rib cage
'Dinosaur skeleton' by Fai
Noticing how much he loves to draw bones, books on skeletons are now borrowed regularly from the library.

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