Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FRIM after the tissue culture lab 14April2011

Arapaima pond. Located next to the Information Centre, Block D6. The araipama has been trained to respond to clapping. We headed for the bridge, leaned over and clapped with all our might.
Our guide told us that it eats bread. WL threw in a piece. We waited a while, saw its orange scales as it swam towards us...then.....
....CHOMP! What big jaws it has. The bread had to be dropped right in front of it. We were told that in its native environment, Amazon river, it can leap up to catch infant monkeys. Its tongue is rough and is used by the indigenous people of the Amazons as a shredder. Here in Malaysia, the Orang Asli uses the thorny rattan instead.
After a brief glimpse of the insides of the museum, we started on our jungle tour. The soil was damp and we were attacked by mosquitoes.
Fai sniffing crushed Kulim leaves that smells like pungent raw garlic.
JY took photos of fungi.
I had to excuse myself from the jungle trekking as Han was beside himself with itching as he had an allergic reaction. He was turning red and splotchy. Oh my.
JY stayed on with Fai. So the rest of the trek was relayed to me by them....
Thick vines. Fai climbed onto one.
What a beautiful sight...the canopy of Kapor trees. Leaves from different Kapor trees do not touch, this is known as 'Crown Shyness'. JY told me that crushed Kapor leaves smells like Tiger Balm.
Aaahhh...I missed out on so much.
Fai said he didn't notice the canopy as he was too busy playing.
Huge buttress roots. JY told me it is known as 'The Toilet"
While waiting for the rest of the group, I headed for the waterfalls. Packed a lunch of rice, fried chicken and omelette from a stall and fed my hungry boys.
I was summoned back to the Information Centre when the group completed their jungle trek. After paying for the jungle tour and saying my goodbyes to the other homeschooling families, I scooted off to the waterfalls once more.
I received wonderful feedback about the jungle guide from the homeschooling mothers. Not only was the guide informative, she was also patient and would explain repeatedly when asked. So if you are need of a guide in FRIM, ask for Izwati
She comes highly recommended.
I have to admit, this was my favourite part of the day. Seeing my kids enjoying what mother nature has to offer.
Hands in clear stream water.
Fai noticed a leech on Han's foot. It had latched on and refused to budge. I noticed JY eating cheese snacks and recalled that leeches can be removed when salt is sprinkled on it. The leech immediately released its hold on Han when some crushed salty snack was placed by its mouth area.
So from now on, cheese snacks will be part of our jungle gear.

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