Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Watermelon Farm @Melaka 1stMay2011

My brother's foray into farming.
He started with bananas and is now trying out watermelon.
Our first time seeing watermelons growing.
Ean with a tiny watermelon.
Han helping KongKong with a heavy watermelon.

It will take another 2 weeks before the watermelons are ready to be harvested. By then the leaves will turn yellow and dry up.
My brother will cease planting watermelons after this as he found that the work involved is much too intense - each flower had to be manually pollinated.
And a lot of pesticide is required for each stage of development - the moment the seed germinates, pesticides are sprayed.
However, it took only 2 months from germination to harvest. I guess he likes planting bananas more.

One interesting fact:
The flower from the yellow watermelon is used to pollinate the flower of the red watermelons. Yellow watermelons are a byproduct when red watermelons planted.

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