Friday, April 22, 2011

Cooking with the boys April2011

The boys insisted on making playdough - just flour and water kneaded into a pliable dough. They have played with this many times before and now make the dough themselves. They now know how to estimate the amount of water required and the feel and texture of the dough when it is done right.
I can't wait for them to progress further, so that I can have homemade LaMien - hand-pulled chinese noodles.
Playdough left overnight gave out a yeasty beer smell. The dough became bubbly and rose a little. Bacteria at work.

The boys do occassionally help me out in the kitchen. All 3 are adept in using knives.
Chopped onions by Ean and me.
Ean's chopped onion on the left is handed to me for further chopping(right). My 2 year old likes to cut. He helps to cut fruits and vegetables most of the time.
Chopped tomatoes by Fai and me.
Crumb coating production line.
Fai tosses the chicken bits into flour, dips it into egg then passes it to Ean, who will coat it in cornflakes crumbs.
Han pounding cornflakes for the crumb coat with a pestle and mortar.
Han stir frying the onions in olive oil for the spaghetti sauce
Han washing up.
Where was their sister?
She was busy preparing for her first wedding cake order.

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