Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Human Anatomy 7April2011

Fai wanted to know what the the human heart and stomach looked like. After digging through our bookshelf, this was the only book I had with a drawing of human parts.

This book is very well-used with its pages held together by tape. When Fai and Han were younger, they enjoyed looking through non-fiction books and encyclopedias instead of story books.
Fai looked intently at the illustration and began to draw.....

Version 1

brain, trachea, lungs, stomach and intestines

Version 2

Now the drawing is more detailed from the windpipe to the branching tubes in the lungs, heart with blood vessels leading into hands, hair on the head and an accurately shaped stomach and lastly small and large intestines.

Fai got fed-up with human anatomy and decided that his creatures made better subjects.

Look at his creature. Try figuring out which of its body parts is its eyeball, stomach, lungs and heart.

We went to the PJ Community library later that day to browse for more pictures and we managed to find a good one but it was a red spot book. Fai snapped a few photos of the illustrations that he liked for future reference.
Unschooling my kids had enabled me to address their queries and interests immediately. It is times like these that makes being a stay- at-home-mom worthwhile.

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