Monday, April 18, 2011

Bukit Genting, Penang 10April2011

I never knew this place existed. Off the main Balik Pulau road heading towards Georgetown , we took a right turn and drove up hill and came to a strange place.
The place was called Bukit Genting and it had peculiar works of art everywhere.
We found this rather on the dark side.
It gave us the creeps.
Cobra head carved into the wood with a hand protruded out.
Everything painted black.
What do you make of this?
A garden with a few animals such as rabbits, birds and squirrels in cages
There is an observatory here. Not much information and no one around. Can't be sure if it is still being utilised.
Deck with a gorgeous view of Balik Pulau's coastline. Spot the paddy field. And that is not haze, it was actually misty up in Bukit Genting.
Boat for rent up on a hill.
Should be a very unique experience spending a night here.
Mist shrouded trees. Spot the giant spider on the web.
We spotted a snake. We thought it was fake as it was a beautiful fluorescent green.
Han prodded it and it started to move and flick out its forked tongue.
Beware of live snakes!
We had come to Balik Pulau for its famous durians but they were not in season, it would take another few months before the fruits ripen.

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