Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tioman Day2 22ndMay2011

JY's turtle pendant from the turtle sanctuary in Kampung Juara
JY, Fai and Han were very eager to try out snorkelling. JY and Fai could easily learn how to breathe through the snorkel. Han on the other hand was not comfortable with the device and was happy to float next to me, keeping me company.
JY said it was like swimming in an aquarium and was ecstatic swimming amongst the colourful fishes.
On our 2nd day in Tioman, we took a 5-in-1 round the island tour - waterfalls, turtle sanctuary and lunch at Kampung Juara, Marine Park and lastly, duty free shopping.
It was a steep and very thrilling 9km ride in the pickup truck to Kg Juara which was possibly the highlight of the day.
Kg Juara was on the opposite side of the island which meant we hide to drive over the island's rather mountainous central region.
Han clinging on for dear life. The kids had a wild time at the back of the pickup truck.
A short trek to the waterfalls
Nice cool refreshing pool. Dive right in to revive your senses.

DH took an underwater video of a barb and the camera refused to work thereafter.

From the waterfalls we headed for the turtle sanctuary at Kg Juara. We had just missed the release of turtle hatchlings.
We met Jo, the blind turtle . She was a hatchling in the sanctuary and born blind about 5 years ago. Her rescuers were puzzled as to why she just stayed put whereas the other little turtles raced to the sea. When they examined her they noticed that she didn't have any eyeballs.

Jo was simply beautiful. The kids were allowed to touch her and she responded by swimming as close to them as possible. We were told that there had been attempts to 'rescue' Jo from her
enclosure but she could not fend for herself in the open sea and days later a canoeist found her hungry and disorientated.

The kids had their first experience in snorkeling in the Marine Park - a safe lagoon with a pontoon by the jetty. We spotted a group of cuttlefish and lots of colourful coral fishes. No corals though.

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