Saturday, June 4, 2011

Journey to Tioman 21stMay2011

The misty road from Kluang to Mersing as we drove past oil palm plantations at 8am.
We departed PD at 4.30am, headed towards Melaka and made our way to the North-South highway. This route was a mistake as we lost precious time looking for the highway.
On our return trip, we drove towards Kuantan using the coastal road, turned off after Kuala Rompin, headed towards Kuala Pilah and onwards to Seremban. Not only was the journey much shorter, it was toll-free!
And we discovered an alternative route to Temerloh without having to drive through the winding, steep Genting-Karak highway. As an added bonus, we got to drive through the very picturesque sleepy town of Kuala Pilah and found out how near Endau Rompin was to Seremban. Now that we are in PD, it is time to discover the south of Peninsular Malaysia.

The ferry from Mersing to Tioman Island. The journey takes 2hours. JY experienced Malay karaoke for the first time.
Han and Ean enjoying the view from the ferry.
The ferry made 3 stops in Tioman - Genting, Paya and the our stop Tekek jetty.
Tekek jetty
Our ride to the resort - a white mini bus.
DH and I recounted out days of taking the mini bus and hanging on for dear life as we clung on to the bars on the steps.

The beach. Lovely cool, clear water but devoid of corals and fishes. We were told we had to go to the smaller islands to see the corals.

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