Saturday, June 4, 2011

Snorkeling @ Tioman 23rdMay2011

Ean's first time on a speed boat.
It was high tide as we left the jetty and the little boat had to go against choppy waves. It was a bumpy ride and we were drenched in minutes. Fai and JY were screaming through out the journey to Coral Island. Surprisingly, the boat man stayed dry.

Coral Island. White sandy beach but we were attacked by sandflies. We found out that sand fly bites loses its itch after a soak in the sea.
Stopped for lunch at Salang Beach
Coral fishes that the boatman encouraged to feed with stale bread. I read up later that this practice is inadvisable as it made the fishes associate humans with food and would peck at them. That did happen and their sharp bites did hurt.

Han didn't like putting on the snorkel but insisted on joining me in the water, happy to float by my side as I marvelled at the corals and fishes at Renggis Island - the best spot to snorkel in Tioman.
This trip made us resolve to do our part for conservation. We were sad to see dead corals, witness the boatman throw his anchor onto living corals, sewage and waste water from restaurants flowing straight into the sea.
What we have is so beautiful but it won't be here for long if we allow this practices continue.

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