Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lego creations May2011

Fai's Lego vehicle. He told me that this was amphibious - able to go on land and water with an extra feature that let's it submerge underwater.
His houses comes with furnishings such as dining table, toilet, bed, fan, kitchen...
He would patiently sort out the colours before building the walls.
He now says that we don't have enough Lego pieces to build his empire.
JY's Black-White house
She is into using black. Especially for her cakes. DH and I would advice to stay away from black and dark colours for her older clients. She doesn't agree.
While walking along Jonker Street in Melaka, we came across a temple with black walls adorned with golden dragons, she went "You SEE, everyone is into GOTH these days" and added "Look how elegant it looks!"

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