Friday, June 24, 2011

A day by the beach with family and friends

Since moving into PD, we have had lots of company. WL and her kids dropped by for a visit, Machika wanted more of the beach, Marine came over for the school break and Pohpoh and Kongkong now had more opportunity to bond with their grandkids as they plied their weekly Karak-Melaka-Karak route. Now it's Karak-PD-Melaka.
Ean sharing a moment with Sam
WL came equipt with her watercolours
Han wanted to join in
Han the artist
Han's art piece
KHao putting in some finishing touches

The girls attempting to build an arch. Lots of teamwork is required.

Fai scrapped off moss from a rock.
Shoes are not required
Picking shells
The kids spent time together..
...and apart.
Notice that in both photos, KHao was busy shovelling.

Arian the merman. Han said he was more like Sandman. KHao supervising their handiwork.

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