Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chess 2June2011

Arian is into chess - chinese chess and english chess as he puts it.
He came for a visit with his chinese chess set and introduced the game to Fai.
Fai couldn't quite get the game and so they went on to play english chess.
The next day, Arian decided to teach me chinese chess. He said he would make it easy for me by giving me 'handicap' and promptly removed 4 pieces and threw in a few helpful, strategic hints.
He then gave a brief overview of the game and showed me how each piece can be moved.
He tried his best to teach me but my grey cells just couldn't remember the chinese characters and the moves each made and after a few exasperated minutes, Arian said "It is ok Aunty Yuling, I think I want to play with Fai now"
Oh Dear... I will try harder next time, Arian.
The few days Fai spent with Arian triggered the Chess Craze and he would now insist we play either chess or draughts with him everyday.
I hear it is similar with Arian too.

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