Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Cleanup with Machika @PD

The girls clowning around after their first beach cleanup.
One afternoon, Machika came to me asking for big plastic bags. when I asked her what it was for, she said that she was an environmentalist and wanted to clean the beach up. She says there is no unsightly trash in Japan.If there were, it is quickly taken care of. Here in Malaysia, she sees litter by the roadside, on the beach, overflowing garbage bins....
Machika and JY spent 3 hours picking up a garden hose, tap, medicine bottle, plastic bottles, food wrappers. JY said that it was like a mini market buried under the sand.
The managed to convince M KuCheh to cart 3 car boot full of trash to the nearby public bin while they cycled behind and hauled everything into the bin.
Machika and the boys on the 2nd beach cleanup
Ean lending a hand

The boys took it seriously
Searching for more trash
Part of what was picked up
Collection for the day

Ean had enough of picking litter after a while and decided that climbing was more entertaining.

Trash is washed up onto the shore daily and is always left behind by picnickers.

Something must be done to keep our beaches litter free!

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