Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pasir Panjang Forest Reserve

The last time we came to this place, it was at high tide and we didn't get to see the coast line. Our timing was perfect this time.
Ean looking for snails
The kids had the whole beach to themselves to discover
JY's collection of shells
Ean and Machika bonding over snails.
Machika came back for a 2week visit and she was rather disappointed that Ean no longer clung on to her requesting for reading sessions. She was all smiles when Ean finally warmed up to her and spent the whole time at the beach by her side.
The boys creating their own world under a mangrove tree.
I had to take this photo. Sam was determined not to like PD as she says that she is a city girl who can't live without a dance studio.
This beach had so much to offer that in moments something caught her eye and she loudly exclaimed "So Beautiful!" and beckoned her sister to take a look. After that the inner-kampung girl was more apparent. It was nice to see her finally enjoying herself in PD.
Rocky beach. so different from the one we usually go to.
Machika and Ean :)
Walking out to the carpark. No one else around. Some trees were labeled. The next time I come, I will take a closer look at the trees.

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