Thursday, June 23, 2011


After setting foot in the house for 5 minutes, Sam moaned "I am BORED!" "There are trees and more trees in PD. I can't take it!"
Oh dear, not a good start.
But things changed for the better after her mom suggested she help to pluck a ripe papaya. She enthusiastically did the task but when she cut it open, it had gone soft and mushy inside.
So she threw the fruit into the compost pile.
Minutes later, this was what was left of the fruit. Red-eyed starlings loves papayas.
Seeing how she enjoyed harvesting the fruit, I told her I needed help plucking some herbs from the garden. She followed me around as I showed her what I needed for dinner. She helped me dig out a few stalks of lemongrass, 2 sprigs of curry leaves and 3 limau purut leaves. Then told her to give them a wash and slice them into smaller pieces. I added in a few slices of ginger and onions.
And finally, what she had been wait for - pounding everything into pulp for my chicken marinate.
I have never seen anyone take to the pestle and mortar the way she did. She was so focused and did a marvellous job.
Can't wait for her to come again. Next time, I will get the ingredients for sambal belacan.
Thank you Sam for all your help.

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