Friday, June 24, 2011

KHao Construction

KHao got his rubber boots when he was 3. He wanted one just like his grandfather's and father's. He spends lots of time in his garden digging soil and here in PD the only thing I saw him doing was to dig. With full concentration, feet apart, he dug away at the beach. Never seen a happier kid just digging.
The moment he opens his eyes he would run out to join Uncle Sony and we wouldn't see him for hours.
Here, he is helping to sandpaper the stairway.
Borhan says he has excellent observational skills and would point out any discrepancies that he notices. Borhan is very impressed by this 5 year old.
His mom told us that he once sawed a broom handle to obtain 2 equal parts by lodging the broomstick into the grooves of the metal drain cover.

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