Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gua Tempurung revisited 8thfeb2011

We were too late for everything but the Level 1 tour. I had gone it the previous year but decided to go for another round of it because I absolutely loved the majestic beauty of the cave and wanted to share it with my hubby.
The moment we entered the cave, the air instantly felt cooler. What a nice respite from the blistering afternoon heat

towering stalagmite

As before, the guide would point out shapes such as "Mona Lisa', 'Monkey driving a car', 'Elephant's head', 'Squating woman washing her long hair' and even 'Osama bin Laden'

We were advised to come back during the rainy season to witness the waterfalls in the caves. All wet tours in the cave commence between 9 to 11am.
Being the last group in the cave, we managed to have a long chat with our guide, Mustafa, who has explored most caves in Malaysia and warned me against visiting a cave I had planned on exploring next - it is a crystal cave. He said that particular cave was so thick with dust that when you clap your vision is impaired. It was also full of guano and thus had high nitrogen content in its atmosphere. So my plan was aborted.
Mustafa asked us to wait for him, as he wanted to show us his kampung.
He said "I am sure you have never seen a house on a tree!"
He managed to pique our interest.
So we waited a while and the beauty of the area around Gua Tempurung was revealed to us......

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