Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maths in the car 1stFeb2011

On the way home from dinner at PD Restaurant, Fai suddenly blurted out:
"7+7 is 14 and 14 +14 is 28"

JY wanting to challenge her brother said
"So Fai, what is 28 plus 28?"

Fai was unfazed. He sat thinking.
I could see the wheels turning as he pondered the question. He gazed out of the car, thumping the dashboard of the car.....
After a few minutes, he gave a triumphant grin and said "59!!"
Dad said" Nearly got it Fai. It is 50-something but not 59"
Fai "Let me see....ummmm...56!!"

I was amazed.

JY "Ok Fai what is 56+56?"

Me and Dad" JY!!! C'Mon Don't ....." Before we could finish the sentence, Fai said "It is alright, I think I can do it!"

Fai "One hundred and....."
"One hundred and twelve!"

JY "What's 112 +112?"

Fai with a grin "I think I get this 'game' now"
"Two hundred and twenty........errrrr....two hundred and twenty four!"

Fai was on a roll.

JY " What is 224 + 224?"

By this time, we had already reached the front gate and Fai had lost interest.

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