Friday, February 25, 2011

Bats 24Feb2011

The night before the zoo trip, Han started jumping around the bedroom with a blanket tightly clutch around his shoulders.
He said" I am gonna sleep like a bat tonight" and lay down on the bed.
Fai said "Bats sleep hanging upside down Han"
Han asked " Why do bats sleep upside down mom?"
I had no idea.
So I said, " Would you like to go to the bats exhibit when we are at the zoo tomorrow? Maybe we can find the answer there"
Han "Ok"

The largest bat is the Malaysian Flying Fox. We saw a few clinging to the black nursery netting. They were squirming and flapping their wings.
Me: the bats do not wrap their wings around them.
Fai: Yea, I think they are hot.

What fine deduction that was!

It was about 2pm.
The heat must have been unbearable for the bats with just the nursery netting for shade.

Thea: And too bright too. Don't they sleep in caves?

JY: Look. They are fanning themselves.

Indeed they were. The bats were flapping their wings inwards, trying to direct cool air to their body.

No information on why bats hang upside down but there were a few informative posters.
Fai compared the sizes of the bones in the human's and the bat's hand.
Han matched the bones of the bat's and human's.

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