Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delayed Instruction 23Feb2011

The first time I read that a homeschooling mom regretted teaching her child to read at an early age( the child could read The Chronicles of Narnia by 7 years old, unaided) I was taken aback.
I had the chance to meet up with the mom and she went into the details of why she had regrets. Her reasons were totally alien to me and very unexpected. I would never have thought to link early reading to early maturity and the inability to play and express emotions.

This led me to read up on Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf schools. I tried to digest his philosophy but got cross-eyed after reading one paragraph. I gave up.

After surfing a little more, I stumbled on a lovely site - Homeschool Diner that deals with delayed instruction and the research done on this approach.

Now to read the free e-book on Charlotte Mason's methods.

Not tonight however. Need to uncross my eyes first.


greenhoihoi said...

Also I learnt from the recent waldorf workshop that early reading n writing especially stimulate the growth of the adult teeth. And if the child s jaw is not ready, they will probably end up having untidy teeth. Try make observAtions on more n more urban kids needing orthodontics . My cambodian maid has perfect teeth, she only start formal schooling when she is 10. They have a way to test if u r ready for formal studies. One of them is to wait for your baby teeth fall. The other one is to put the child s right arm over the top the head n see if he can touch his left ear. If he can,t that means not ready. This is the entrance requirement in Cambodia apparently for primary school.

Unschooling Malaysia said...

Thanks Hoi Yan. This is news to me.
Although I have been harbouring thoughts of sending my 7yo for reading classes since he was 4,I have always held back and now that he is 7yo and still not reading, this information is very timely and somewhat comforting.

greenhoihoi said...

Yea. 0-7 yes is important foundation building the body so that you can do lots of reading in future. Failing to preserve this results a pale under growth child. I suspect my eldest son suffers greatly from this. It's so so crucial. The key is just to follow the child's lead, unschoolers do this so well!