Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rafflesia in Ulu Geroh, Gopeng 9thFeb2011

The first few metres were easy enough starting from Dewan Rafflesia.
Walking on a dirt road. Our guide for the day, Amelia wore flipflops. So the hike must be an easy one.

We walked through an Orang Asli village. It was very scenic. The houses on stilts had a pile of firewood under each house and they had well tended lawns. Not a piece of litter was seen. No unsightly garbage bins either. It must be their way of life - green living. I must spend a night here one day, just to observe their daily life.

Newly built. The wood used is meranti. Chalets for rent?

That's me.
Trying to figure out how to carry my 2 year old through the jungle while avoiding leeches and combating fatigue. Ean didn't want walk and refused to be carried by anyone else.
He also insisted on putting on socks and when he had them one, decided that socks were not a good thing to have on and wanted them off his foot. So while I did his bidding, I amassed a collection of leeches on my feet. Leech therapy was on the house.

This is one giant leech. Our guide said that it was a 'lintah' not a 'pacat' and they go for wild pigs(babi hutan) rather than humans.

Baby durians.
It will be durian season in May/June.

This unusual flower grew from the ground with no leaves.

At last, Rafflesia!
This is its bud.
It was a short walk in. Amelia told us that we were walking through her family's land. No mosquitoes but lots of leeches looking for a meal.

The one on in the middle is beginning to bloom, whereas the one on the left and right are buds. Looked like a red cabbage.
The Rafflesias were all located on one spot, growing at the base of one tree.

This is the blooming flower. I didn't smell any foul odour. Perhaps it only emits its stench when it is in full bloom.

After the trek, the stream looked very inviting. Remember to bring along a change of clothes.

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