Friday, February 11, 2011

Before the trek, Dewan Rafflesia, Ulu Geroh 9Feb2011

We were led into Dewan Rafflesia for registration before our hike into the jungle.
The hall had informative posters and write-ups pasted on its walls.

The boys were full of questions about the cruelties of animal trapping.
The visit to the elephant sanctuary in Kuala Gandah gave them a glimpse into its repercussion when they saw a 3 legged elephant limping in its enclosure.

Rafflesia....I will be seeing you in 30 minutes.

Accommodation was available on the next floor. RM10/ pax. Pillows, thin blamkets and mats seen above can be utilised. Toilets/ bathrooms are not attached, you would have to walk down the stairs and to the back of the building.

Pointing to some bushes next to Dewan Rafflesia, Ngah, our Asli guide said there was a stick insect in sight. Can you spot it?

We had to be careful with the stick insect as it felt rather fragile and Ngah warned us that its limbs break off easily.

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