Sunday, February 20, 2011

Green Hornet 17Feb2011

Fai and Han loved the movie. Ean slept through it.
by Fai
The Green Hornet's emblem
by Fai
Britt Reid/Green Hornet's mansion(top left) and swimming pool(bottom left). The swimming pool is significant because Kato (Green Hornet's partner) can't swim and Fai is fascinated with the fact that every superhero has a particular weakness.
On the right from top to bottom:
Green Hornet emblem, Green Hornet's car Black Beauty and Kato's bike

by Fai
The Green Hornet giving the bad guy a kick
by Han
Han's Kato on a motorbike. The coloured balls are 'power balls'
Thanks for the movie passes CKit.

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