Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gingerbread Man @PD Part1

Thea and Emil started off the workshop with their version og The GingerBread Man. They were supposed to have rehearsed but as they had been out fishing till 1am the previous night, the storytelling session was rather impromptu.

Emil had never heard of The GingerBread Man story and Fai felt he had to help Emil out a bit.

JY handing out gingerbread dough that was prepared by Uncle Danny.

The kids had to roll and cut their cookies. some improvised and created their own designs

Han's Pirate and treasure chest

Gingerbread cookies waiting for the oven.

Cooling in the cake studio

JY's icing. She had to outline all the cookies with her steady and skillful touch. Everyone else had shaky hands and the outlines turned out clumpy and awful.

Such fun!
The colours were amazing - bright and cheerful.

Smoothing out the icing with a satay stick.

JY piping and piping and piping....


The kids were so focused the entire workshop. They had so much fun playing with the icing and sprinkles, there weren't enough cookies to satisfy their creativity. They could have continued decorating for hours.

Pregnant Gingerbread Woman

Mommies had fun too

Han's cookies.

Ean enjoying his snack.

A great, big thank you to Teri and Danny for another successful baking-decorating workshop. The support from the homeschooling group has been tremendous. Their keen participation make organising such events a delight.

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