Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deepavali Cheers with RC MetroKL and Sai Ananda Centre @Pulau Carey

It is always fascinating to see how community projects are carried out

About 300 families who lived in the plantation were invited to the event.

Volunteers sorting out saris and Deepavali snacks to be distributed out

Provisions such as rice and oil would also be given to each family

The families arrived in the back of tractors

Observing prayers at the entrance of the temple

Volunteers from Sai Ananda squeezing lime

A huge tub of refreshing lime juice

Preparing banana leaves for lunch

Slicing green bananas for spicy banana chips

Banana chips


Huge pots to fill up.

There were about 600 people to feed. We were all hungry smelling the aroma wafting from the kitchen

Mint leaves for chutney

A Rotarian showing off his skills with a cleaver

A huge kuali of delicious curry. Only vegetarian food was being prepared

Good Exercise

Feet apart, bend over , keep knees straight, stretch out hands, fingers out then dig in!

The volunteers came from all walks of life.
All with one common goal - to share a little Deepavali cheer with the families deep within a palm oil estate

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