Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cupcake Camp @PD Part1

This camp was a collaboration between 2 homeschooling families. One had a Dad that bakes professionally and the other had a cake decorating daughter. Both families had mothers who were high on pregnancy hormones and the 2 moms put their heads together to organise a cupcake and cookie camp for members in The Malaysian Homeschool Network.
The event started when Emil came to stay with us.

The boys took to Emil, a German exchange student, immediately.
They took out a book about food around the world 'Hungry Planet' and showed what Germans were supposed to eat. Emil took one look at the food spread and said "NO! We don't so much fast food. Look at the amount of beer. That guy must be drunk all the time!"
Emil pointed out what was unhealthy diet, he advised the boys "Don't eat too much junk food"

The other families arrived on a Friday evening, just in time for dinner.
Steamboat dinner.
What a feast we had. Each family brought a little something to dunk into the fish broth.
The boys on the deck.
We had just found a litter of kittens on the deck a few days before and that kept the kids busy while waiting for dinner.
It started to drizzle so we had to continue our dinner indoors
The kids in the playroom.
One family spent the night on the deck without mosquito nets. They came well-equip with 2 camp beds and a double air mattress.
Just before midnight, the adventurous lot made their way to the beach to set 2 fishing nets. The tide was rather high and they had to set the nets nearer the shore.
It is always exciting to venture into the sea at night, especially when you can't see what's ahead of you.
The group came back about 1am.

After a refreshing shower, DH and Emil decided to show off their flags. DH his Jolly Rogers and Emil his German flag. Emil then decided that run around the house singing his national anthem while waving his flag.
Emil took out his photobook and showed us his home near the Alps, white pine trees, snow 4feet high (Emil assured Fai that one day he would get the chance to experience real snow. Fai had been asking to go to a country where there was real snow). He told us Oktoberfest is held in September and the celebrations he witnessed in OneUtama was embarrassing - the men had shorts that were too long and the women had skirts that were too short and it was held in October!

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