Saturday, December 10, 2011

GingerBreadMan Camp part2

By the beach, the boys got ready for their fishing workshop.

Observing little crabs

It started to pour but the kids continued with their crabbing while the men contemplated their fishing nets. they carried on with their plans to lay the nets in the rain.

DH commented that it was remarkable to see how grown men were transformed into boys again the moment the waves hit their bodies as they carried the nets out into the sea.
So if you need to be rejuvenated, go fishing!

Luckily the rain stopped within an hour.
The campers who had been waiting patiently in their cars, got to work immediately.
First, the ground sheets - helps in keeping the base of the tent clean and any ground moisture from seeping in from the bottom.

Tents in a row.

Words of advice from the campers:

  1. 4-men tents are too small. 6-men sleeps 4 and a bit of luggage. 8-men is ideal for 2 camp beds and a double air mattress.

  2. place paper pulp egg cartons at the entrance to clean sandy feet

  3. get tents with 2 doors for better ventilation

Preparing the ditch for the barbecue

items required to get the fire going - matches, charcoal, twigs, bits of newspaper or firestarter.
Place twigs at the base of the pit, topped with the firestarter, arrange charcoal tippee-like.
Light the firestarter

Fanning the flames
DH throwing in more firestarters.

More fanning

If fanning doesn't work, blowing helps

More blowing

Trying the get the fire going

DH went from pit to pit to give firestarting tips

Fire, at last

Getting wood for the campfire

Emil who was back for our second camp by the beach, helped to stack the wood

and get the fire going

Food preparation

potatoes cut into chunks drizzled with oil, herbs and a dash of salt, then wrap in foil.
Sweet potato and pumpkin slices to be grilled

Chicken wings, lamb, garlic bread, sweet corn and sweet potatoes

one handy item to bring on a cookout.

Kids in the water

These girls feel the flag pole lacks foundation.

Bonding by the fire

More bonding.
Fai stayed up till 2am to be with his friends and got up at 9am to jump into the sea.
He still had energy after a small breakfast to hike up the lighthouse and down to Pulau Intan

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