Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rock Climbing @ Extreme Park Shah Alam

The boys playing in the nice cool 'cave'. The boys had to keep themselves entertained for 3 hours as JY had signed up for a 3 hour course.
It was hot and sunny out in the rock climbing area, so we took refuge in the wonderful air-conditioned confines of a fast food joint and let the boys doodle away.
Fai's into playing UNO, so we played that as well. And ate lots of fries too.

One of the schoolkids who were there before us, zooming down the flying fox after scaling the wall.

JY and XP putting their gear on

Receiving instructions

JY had on her sandals and was allowed to climb with it. Eventually she found being barefoot made climbing easier.

JY found it exhilarating and challenging especially at the trickier walls where the rocks were far between and she had to leap to reach the next rock.

Next challenge - Rock climbing at Batu Caves.

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