Saturday, November 19, 2011

Canopy Walkway @FRIM

Our welcoming commitee as we started on the Rover Track towards the entrance of the Canopy Walk
Tickets for the canopy walk had to be purchased at the Information Centre. More info here.

The trek was pleasant on a Sunday morning.

Ean walked most of the way

The weekend crowd.

Only 5 people were allowed onto the walkway at each interval. And we had to space ourselves 4 feet apart.

We could imagine Emil, the German exchange student, waving his hands and singing his national anthem if he were to see this sign. I shall bring him here one day.

Walked up a steep, narrow staircase

Beginning of the walkway

He checked our tickets and ensured we kept our distance

The view was spectacular. If only we had more time to marvel at the scenery.

Lovely timber decking

We were more cautious on the trail down to the starting point. As there were a few sandy and slippery spots.

We were greeted by a wonderful picnic spot at the end of the trail.

Crystal clear water, shallow, sandy stream, huge boulders, devoid of a crowd......perfect!

On the way back to the carpark, Fai looked upwards trying to spot bird's nests and that was when he saw the trees with the Crown Shyness phenomenon - the kapur tree.
I was so intent on reaching the parking lot (it was drizzling slightly) that I had totally ignored the splendour around me.
Fai informed his sister and she pointed to the sky and said "Look!"
Everyone looked up and went "Wow!"

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