Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cold Camping in Malaysia

The surreal scenery that greeted us early in the morning

DH's first camping trip and he chose to go to a location with temperatures that dipped to 15C.

It was nightfall by the time we got to the campsite, so setting up our brand new 8 men tent was done with torches.

The group we were with consisted of experienced campers. One had cycled the globe on his bicycle, the other just came back from Milan, another collected hunting knives and lastly, a fellow homeschooling family who had just taken up camping for a year but is now a veteran at it.

The kids had lots of fun, making new friends and enjoying the cool air.

The mist.
The wind howled throughout the night and at times I thought the tents would be blown off the mountain. The flaps were hitting wildly against the sides of the tent. And due to condensation, water droplets accumulated along the inner layer of the tent. It was a wet, cold, noisy night but the kids slept soundly, packed next to each other in a warm, cosy heap

In the morning, we discovered that the site was littered with pitcher plants,

some the length of our palms. Pitcher plants grew on the ground and among the bushes.

Ean loved the place, especially the hill slope and he spent the morning climbing up and down.

What's in there?

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