Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fibonacci spiral by the roadside

Our car refused to move and needed black oil badly. DH hitched a ride to the nearest petrol station and the kids tumbled out of the car

The girl in photo above completely disregarded her father's request to stop playing with dirt.
She was completely absorbed in completed the task that she had set out for herself.
Her father gave up after a while and walked away shaking his head.
I was the silent observer with a camera :)

Finally, after she had completed her circle of stones, she got up, dusted her hands and walked away.

It reminded me of Fibonnaci and his magic numbers that occurs in nature.

Did she just express an innate need for some form of mathematical outlet through stones by the roadside?

Do parents unwittingly quell their kids geniuses by thinking dirt is dirty and nothing can come out of playing with stones?

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