Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Supper time @ Pudu

There is food available 24 hours a day in Malaysia. It is not uncommon to see people wolfing down chicken rice or bak kut teh at 2am. The best street food is available from 10pm...hokkien mee, char kway teow, lor mee.....I call them supper food.
One of our favourite places in KL comes with entertainment. It is situated next to a community hall (dewan rukun tetangga) and the lion dance troop practices on most nights.

The boys with front row seats.
Our favourite supper haunt in the background still uses charcoal flames to cook. The cook has been at that exact spot for about 40 years.

We decided that the people holding the midsection of the dragon had the toughest task because of all the twist and turns that they took, the middle section kept getting entangled.

I love chinese drums. Loud and dramatic. I am thrilled that JY and Ean enjoy it too. Can't wait to take them to a Hands Percussion performance or perhaps take them to the drum circle at Tugu on a Sunday when I don't need to go to PD.

Fai's 'Brachiosaurus eating vegetation' shadow.

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