Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cooperative Learning @ USJ 11 Jan 2011

Ean contemplating badminton.
We hadn't planned on joining the cooperative learning group (CLiC) again but somehow due to Fai insisting on meeting up with Arian and JY wanting to play badminton, we got to spend a day with the CLiC gang.

2 fathers were there to coach the kids.

Teens category.
JY got a good workout and thoroughly enjoyed her hour there. Joyce was a good sparring partner for her.

Fai didn't want to have anything to do with badminton and spent his hour at the courts drawing. He managed to get Arian, Han and Andy to draw with him.
Andy, 12 was impressed with Fai's drawing and tried to copy. Fai noticed that and told me later that Andy would peek at his drawing and draw the exact same thing.
Andy's father had to coax him back to the court.

After lunch, we proceeded to WL's home for a Mandarin class conducted by one of the fathers.
There was a request for Chinese New Year songs, so with WL at the piano, we learnt.....Tong Tong Tong Chiang...Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni......

The crowd at WL's.

Ean was captivated by the piano and wanted to try it out. He was eager to learn and listened patiently when KYen, 7, tried to teach him how to play.
Back home, I brought out JY's violin and Ean spent hours fiddling with its bow trying to coax a tune out.

The session ended with a birthday celebration for YZ.
JY wants this to be a weekly activity and I guess the boys will be more than happy to have an "Arian Day" once a week, so, it will be badminton on Tuesdays @USJ from now on.
While having their evening bath, Ean went "Gong Xi...Gong Xi.."
Then Fai added " Tong Tong Ton Chiang....." It sounds like the celebrations has started early this year.

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