Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Janda Baik 13-14 Jan2011

By the time we left the elephant sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, it was about 4pm and pondered where to head next.
We needed a place to spend the night...should we go to Genting Highlands? Why not ...... but when we saw 'Janda Baik' on the signboard at the t-junction, we decided to give it a try instead.

The entrance into Kampung Janda Baik was festooned with banners of chalets and resorts that lay ahead. We were spoilt for choice.

Shy was the navigator, she let her insticts be her guide and led us to a quaint little resort with chalets by a stream. JY loved the small chalet. She was bursting with delight!

After a dip in the stream, we went in search for our dinner. We stopped at the first stall that we came across. We were pleasantly surprised by the delicious Malay food that was served.

Han having a quiet moment.

The morning air in Janda Baik was refreshing and cool. The mountains that surrounded us were shrouded with mist. Perfect for a relaxing getaway.

After a lovely nasi lemak breakfast, we explored Janda Baik.
Bamboo huts by the stream. RM80/night

Before heading home, we stopped at a coniferous forest reserve.

Fai spotted a plant with butterfly eggs and a caterpillar

JY climbing over a tree trunk.

Termites having a feast.

The reserve was neglected and in a sorry state. They were picnic tables covered in vines.
Ensure you have mosquito repellent at hand and be wary of leeches.
You have been warned!

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