Thursday, January 6, 2011

Staying home, Getting out 7 Jan 2010

No one wants to go out with me!

JY says she misses home.
Ean, Han and Fai say they want to stay home.
My husband thinks I have been taking them out too often. Staying home is a privilege for my kids! He thinks I am the wierdest parent.
I think I have wierd kids who are reluctant to go out. Why can't I have regular kids who pester their parents to get out of the house?

And today, JY said she wants to get 5 plain t-shirts and a few fabric marker pens.
4 of those shirts will have "I WANT TO GO HOME!" printed on them
And 1 (for me, of course) will have "I WANT TO GO OUT!"

Well we didn't manage to visit the art shop in Gardens today after the rather disappointing Chocolate Fair in Midvalley, so this project of JY's will have to take a rain check.
Two disappointing fairs in a week *sigh*

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