Monday, January 3, 2011

Nature Guide Books

That orange flower that Ean was examining on my recent trip to Gentings was from a AfricanTulip tree or Fountain tree or better known as Pancut-pancut in Malaysia. The guide books on Malaysian plants that I wanted was on my bookshelf all along. What a far-sighted husband I have.
He knew these books would come in useful one of these days and purchased them at a recent booksale for RM8 each.

These 2 along with a few other nature guide books are now in my car with my trusty road map. Now whenever I need further information, I just have to dig into my boot.

We will have a water fight the next time we come across this tree. Seems that water squirts out from unopened buds when squeezed.

Ean exploring the base of a tree.

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