Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Books on Unschooling 11th Jan2011

I raided WL's library for these gems.
Priceless knowledge and insights into unschooling are within these books.
So if you are keen on knowing more about homeschooling or why I unschool, do read these books.
I have just started on 'Dumbing us Down' and the way John Taylor Gatto describes the end products of the school system was a good repesentation of was eerie...I am a perfect example of what the school system churns out....
  • wait for instructions
  • am not curious; have a short attention span
  • forget easily

And a host of other traits that I am slowly trying to get rid off.

And his idea of what a school should be with plenty of free unstructured time, self-directed learning, community service and thousands of apprenticeship to choose from seems pretty ideal to me.

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