Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gua Tempurung, Gopeng 9th jan 2011

From Gunung Lang, we headed for Gua Tempurung in Gopeng.
My first visit to this cave was in January 2010 with S and her girls on our first road trip and I was very taken by its natural beauty and splendour. I had made a mental note to stop by this place again whenever I was in its vicinity.

We stopped by a roadside stall for a very late lunch enroute to the caves.

Our lunch.
Thirst quenching coconut and delicious durian.

We arrived at the entrance of the cave at 4.30pm and were told that we were too late as they closed at 4pm.
A group of guides were seated by the entrance and when they saw how dejected we were, they allowed us in for a quick peek.

Beautiful stalactite formations.
The guide told us that they were waiting for a few groups of visitors who had yet to emerge from within.
When asked if there were any bats around. He said that bats only came into the caves to nest. He added that when bats were around, it is advisable to stay away from caves as the bite from the bat's fleas is more toxic than a scorpion's.

Marble rocks have a greenish hue.
Since we couldn't go caving, we settled for the stream that originates from the cave.
The water was cold and refreshing.

Lovely layered rocks.
It was a lesson on geology for the kids.

Fai and Han made a house.
Fai showed me how the water would flow in, form a small whirlpool in the centre and flow out through another opening between the rocks.

Ean's stone bridge.

We will be back Gua Tempurung. This time at 9am and all set for your exciting and challenging tour.
Open daily. Closed once a year - 1st day of Hari Raya.

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