Friday, August 13, 2010

Pak Borhan

My kids have gained a lot from the renovation of the PD house.

From the Singhs, JY learnt the art of capati making and their stories about their lifestyle in Rajasthan where a camel is the choice mode of transport.

Now with Borhan, the kids are exposed to tales about his kampung in Indonesia. He would say

" Di kampung saya, kita buat macam ini..."

This time around he noticed an unwrapped nangka (jackfruit) and suggested wrapping the fruit the kampung way using coconut leaves. He weaved a case that would envelope the fruit and prevent it from being attacked by pests.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it.
It really dressed up the tree. My mom said that people would steal it instead of the fruit :)
With balance of the leaves from that one branch, he made a bag. He said kampung folks would use a bigger version to harvest fruits. He couldn't weave a bigger bag as the size depends on the length of the leaves.

Seeing our enthusiasm, he showed us how chicken is carried home from the market. The chicken's head would poke out on the right side of the carrier. The whole body plus legs would be encased within.

The chicken is then balanced on the head for the journey home and into the cooking pot.

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