Sunday, August 15, 2010

Museum Orang Asli

We were in Gombak to meet up with Borhan and he suggested we use the scenic route to Genting Sempah instead of backtracking to the Karak Highway. The museum was on my list of places to go for the year, so I insisted on stopping although there were many complaints from the kids who were too comfortable...

Our newly acquired Volvo 240 Wagon. I think it is ideal for travelling with the kids.

We stopped at the gift shop before entering the museum. There was an assortment of children's toys from slingshots to puzzle games made from rattan. I found that interesting as I have never seen those stuff before, initially I thought there were for animal trapping.
Also being sold were blowpipes and darts with a carrier for the poison if you come across an Ipoh tree. Bubu (fish trap made from rattan) can be ordered for RM70.
I think this is Tongkat Ali. The orang asli were preparing some herbs on a stage at the museum's entrance. They were very eager to share their knowledge of the herbs and showed us the herbs that they had.
Jungle walks and herb identification can be arranged. No phone number, so you have to drop in.

These are afew of the exhibits that captivated the kids and me. Clothes made from tree bark.

Nose flute blowing.

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