Sunday, August 1, 2010

The best life!

Lynn commented that I lived the best life after viewing some photos I posted on FB.

That comment floored me.

All this while I was looking at the clutter and kids with cavities and looking for ways to escape from this place.

The neverending cycle of washing and cleaning and cooking has got me focusing on all the wrong things.

How easy it was to have my thoughts clouded by negativity.

So if this is the best life, I had better start enjoying it, ya?

Counting my easy it is to take things for granted and forget the treasures that I hold in my hand.

Some other occurances that has got me thinking as well...

A lady from Britain that I met in KL Bird Park that remarked that "It was everyone's dream to see a real, life turtle "

A Canadian who remarked that although the Rockies is beautiful, so is Tioman and Taman Negara.

The grass is always greener.
I should start appreciating what I have in my own backyard

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greenhoihoi said...

i want to compliment that looking at those happy kids in your kebun photos... it's rare to see kids so driven and happy. so involved. being so close to nature, and to their parents. it's the best thing you have given the kids. they will remember it for life.