Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 1 Camerons 19 Aug 2010

I am terrible at uploading photos. So let me do a Quentin Tarantino (remember Pulp Fiction?). Nothing like a playground to end the day. The playground at Tanah Rata had everything for us. Benches for the grandparents to sit and chat, an obstacle course for the tween and a few playground stations to choose from. Flowering shrubs were everywhere and big shady trees fringed the park. The public toilet was closed and stayed closed. So we visited the loo in Century Pines Hotel instead.
We parked our cars in Century Pines and walked to the beginning of trial 4 leading to Parit Falls.
Gloomy skies did not dissuade us from venturing onto the jungle trail. It was an easy trail. Narrow dirt path next to a fast flowing muddy stream led us to a clearing with a pavillion and a rundown playground and an abandoned nature conservation centre.

This tree needs a hug. "Love Our Trees!" is the message here.

This bridge leads to a steep slope that trails up to the tree-that-needs-a-hug.

Parit aka Sewage Falls lived up to its name. Besides being a dirty brown, lots of plastic bags clung to the rocks and plastic bottles was caught in a whirlpool naxt to the falls. This place needs a clean up badly.

Fai didn't leave the car when we arrived at YeeKuMa's place at about 11am. Prefering to stay in the boot, drawing. The other kids joined him.

We had started the journey early. Leaving the house at 6am. The plan was to load the sleeping kids in so that I could drive in peace. Alas, the kids were wide awake. Jumping with excitement. Ean woke up at 4.30am, asking for fried rice!

Mom and Dad did lots of harvesting. We had more rambutans than we could eat, kedondong, a nangka and a cempedak that refused to ripen and some langsat from Temerloh.
YeeKuMa brought Tauge and YongTaufu from Ipoh (she hand-carried and travelled by bus) for our lunch. She is one very capable woman.

YeeKuMa also brought along some of her "treasures". Ean enjoyed blowing on this wooden recorder.

The kids playing with the melodion. ZEn played a few tunes on it. Han did a solo performance as well with En as emcee.

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