Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daun Kadok

I love having Arian around. He shares my boys' love for movies, Transformers and slapstick comedy. He says his prayers before meals (in spite of Fai assuring him that " Over here, we don't need to do that!"), insists of washing his plate after meals and since his favourite colour is green, he eats his vegetables with gusto. And he likes my pumpkin :)
Left to play without boundaries and interference, they always come up with lots of interesting activites.
After a day of imaginative play (turning furniture upside down or piled up high to become pirate ships; and an enactment of Toy story 3 ), the boys decided to play in the backyard.
Initially Fai asked for garden scissors to make a sword out of a heliconia leaf. After he had done that, I asked him to trim the Kadok leaves that were trailing down into the drain.
Han and Arian joined in and that was the end of my daun kadok.

The kadok leaves ended up in this. Fai said it was for composting.

Look! Not a single kadok leaf! Fai said that all the 'weeds' are gone. Well, I will be replanting them tomorrow. They grow wild in my backyard and I have never eaten them. Now that YeeKuMa suggested frying them with eggs, I just might.
Arian was so caught up with this that KV had a tough time convincing him to leave.
"I want to stay 2 nights the next time" he says.

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