Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 4 Camerons 22 Aug 2010

My interest in visiting an organic farm was piqued after Hoi Yan's post on receiving an organic box of vegetables. From their website, farm visits can be arranged, so a visit to an organic farm was planned for Day 4.

After the farm visit, we bid Shannon and family "Adieu!" as they made their way back to KL.

Han missed the company of the 2 girls and moped for a while.

But immediately cheered up when I informed him that we would be meeting his two cousins.

The 2 toddlers couldn't keep their hands of each other. There were lots of kissing and hugging.

We visited the Boh factory again. Ean flung his nursey rhyme book down the deck. When JY scaled down the slope to retreive it, I noticed the logs. The boys had a whale of a time being pirates on them.

Fai's toothpick art while waiting for dinner in Brinchang.

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