Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cinema with kids

For years I avoided going to the cinema, until WL told me that she had never let her kids stopped her from enjoying shows on the big screen. She would go in pram and all and her baby would sleep right through! I couldn't believe that a baby could sleep like a baby through all that loud noise. I serious doubted her. I didn't want to be kicked from the cinema.
My last movie before that fateful conversation with WL was Lord of the Rings. I had to settle for DVDs until....
Transformers hit the big screens.
Kent just HAD to go watch it. and I couldn't let him do that by himself, now could I?
We couldn't believe how much the tickets costs and reminisced about the good, old Rex and Cathay days when tickets were RM3.50.
Anyway, 1 year old Ean was a bit restless and he crawled up and down the steps and I had to miss some parts when I had to chase after him. But no one chased us out and the bigger boys were glued to the screen.

From then on, there was no stopping us.

Iron Man 2 was funny because Ean had just learnt to talk and at the quiet, chatty parts he turned around and decided to show off by saying out loudly " PaPa, Apple, Papa, Apple......."

We just watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice yesterday. And guess what, after the movie trailers and advertisments, Ean fell asleep and only awoke when the movie ended.

So mommies, go to the movies with kids in tow!

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